What People Say

Caboo dx (baby carrier)

I love my new caboo dx. It offers soft comfort for keeping bubby close and warm. It also provides that bit more structure to support my back and contain and restrain my big, strong, wrigglesome boy! - Cait, Penrith

My baby and I love the caboo dx. It's really comfortable, easy to put on, offers my back and shoulders plenty of support, and is perfect for traveling - much easier than carting a big pram everywhere! - Alice, Toowoomba

   Caboo +organic (baby carrier)

Four boys and four carriers later, I LOOOOOVE the Caboo +organic! I have tried a sling and front and back carriers with my children, but this is the best. It is self-packaging so it's protected while not in use. Easy to wash and wear; comfy and cuddly and it's organic, so he's wrapped in only the best around me. - Annelisa, Wangaratta

Just LOVE my Caboo +organic baby carrier! After only one attempt at using a Baby Bjorn carrier, I gave up for all the pain from the buckles and straps. This carrier, I can (and have!) worn literally all day long, even after having a caesarian. This carrier was the best support after having my second baby by caesarian, especially when I used it with the wrap. It's just so comfy and easy to use; even my husband wears it. - Rosa, Dubbo

After four children, I have finally found a baby carrier that does all that it claims to do. I actually USE this one, unlike some others I have tried. It holds my baby securely and comfortably against my body, and best of all, it's heaven on my back! It's a fantastic resource for my little refluxer too, who likes to be in an upright position. We go for walks, do the shopping and even the housework using the Caboo +organic. I wouldn't be without it. - Rachel, Adelaide

Pop-in Nappy

This was the first modern cloth nappy I've ever used and I can see why they are addictive! It was incredibly easy to use as well as absorbent and cute. It fit my bub perfectly! Definitely a great nappy for novices like me! - Kerrie, Kingswood

I just had to drop you a line and rave about the Pop-in nappy. I will be honest and admit that despite falling in love with its softness straight away, I was dubious about its capabilities. It proved me wrong though, by showing that it can easily take on the competition with its amazing absorbency and excellent containment for even the most explosive poo. My son wore it for 4 hours after only one pre-wash and it was exceptional. Very, very happy to recommend to all. - Rose

I have a number of different types of nappies, but Pop-ins are my favourite. The double gusset will take anything that is thrown at it and my son is comfortable in them. - Lorna, Sydney

Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy

5 months on and I still reach for this nappy first at changetime, and JB still almost immediately fills it so it must be comfy! At the end of the day it does it’s job well holding poos and wees, it washes super well, dries ok, is easy to stuff (always a plus in a pocket nappy!) and looks fabulous so it gets a thumbs up from us! – Read more in Victoria’s comprehensive review HERE.

I had my 2 year old in this nappy on the medium size setting for 4 hours. She was pretty wet, but didn't soak through to her clothes. Loved the double lap on the side, no more blow outs for us. I love it; it is my favourite brand of nappy so far. I would absolutely recommend this nappy to others. - Cherie, Dubbo

I love the Seedling nappies I have. They make a great nighttime nappy for my 4 month old daughter. We haven't had any leaks and we just love how absorbent the boosters are. - Tracey, Grafton

I purchased two of your nappies recently and love them! They fit my 6 month old perfectly and look great! - Kathryn, Riverhills

Paddle Pants by Seedling Baby

Very impressed with the Paddle Pants. My daughter has worn it now for over 6 months. It is so fantastic that the nappy can be adjusted to fit her quickly growing body. The quality is fantastic and looks just as good now as it did brand new. - Hayley, Newcastle

I used the swim nappy (Paddle Pants) for the first time yesterday. My boy's allergies have been playing up big time, so nappies have been a shocker, to the point I almost considered disposables! I had no idea he had a major poo until I took the swim nappy off. It wasn't even on the gussets! - Shelley, Nowra

Mr 23 months is just off to the pool to show off his Paddle Pants again. Love, love, love them! - Lorna, Sydney