The Journey

Why We Do What We Do

At Oz Baby Trends, our business is not just about products.

We promote and support a way of life that is characterised by simplicity and sustainability. We advocate for a culture of natural parenting and believe that the brands we distribute help to create such a culture.

We specialise in the distribution of award-winning products that complement your parenting journey. We bring these products to you through carefully selected stockists and consultants who we know will give you the advice and help you need.

We love simplicity and self-sufficiency and believe that parenting doesn't need to be complicated. We believe you don't need a manual to raise a child. You just need to know your child.

But it wasn't always so.

Once upon a time - long before we were blessed with children - we were the perfect parents. You know the kind... 

---  The ones who wouldn't feed their children party pies because goodness knew what was in them.
---  The kind who refused to use disposable nappies, come hell or high water.
---  The kind whose children would never have dry snot on their cheeks.
---  The ones whose children would be toilet trained by their second birthday. No. Matter. What.

While we continue to have lots of ideas and aspirations, we believe that the parenting journey is made up of thousands of small decisions and that sometimes, life has to come before the ideals we set for ourselves during the long months of our first pregnancy. 

We are an Australian Nappy Association  accredited business.
We are an Australian Nappy Association
accredited business.

So we use eco-disposables from time to time. 
We don't always eat healthy, or even fresh.
We sometimes use the DVD player to babysit.
We often go to bed with a sink full of dishes and Lego on the floor. 
We admit that living the simple life with children is a whole lot tougher than we imagined.


But we love the journey.

And like Anne Shirley, we believe that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it.

Happy Parenting,
Eva Van Strijp

Oz Baby Trends
Distribution and advocacy for sustainable parenting

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