The Story

Who We Are

Like most good stories, ours starts with the birth of a child...

When our little girl arrived, she had a significant case of hip dysplasia that would see her in a Pavlik harness for 6 months. A generation ago, double cloth nappies were actually recommended for babies with hip dysplasia, so we planned to use the three dozen terry flats with which we had been gifted, but had no idea what to do about a cover. The old style PVC pilchers were useless with a Pavlik harness.

A few hours of Googling and a few days of waiting for "fluffy mail" to arrive, and we were the proud owner of a nappy cover that went on like a disposable, fitting comfortably in between the Pavlik harness and our daughter's hips. Genius! The bonus of course was that these beautiful, high quality Velcro and snap closure nappy covers were available in every colour and print imaginable!

I began experimenting with making my own fitted nappies and once happy with the design, started to gift my creations to friends and family. After 6 months, we decided to make this nappy thing more than just a hobby and opened an online store as retailers for several different brands of cloth nappies, including our own. Two months in to that and the retail business was gaining speed, so we stopped making nappies to focus on building the store. At the peak of our online retail days, Oz Baby Trends stocked over 40 different brands.

At the end of our second year in business, we took on wholesale distribution for Close - a UK brand of modern cloth nappies and baby carriers - and six months after that, closed our retail store to let the business take what seemed to be a natural turn towards a distribution focus.

Ten years since our search began, we proudly distribute 2 beautiful brands of natural parenting products and welcomed our sixth baby in August 2016.

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