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Cloth Nappy Intensive with Eva Van Strijp #clothnappies


What folks are saying...

"Hi Eva, I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic Cloth Nappy Intensive tutorials! Whilst I was already sold on the idea of cloth nappies before I found your site, I definitely needed a helping hand to be successful. Your videos have really done the trick to boost my confidence and minimise leaks and blowouts. I have even been willing to try flats and prefolds after watching your video guide of how to fold them. Your videos are clear and your manner is friendly and personal - just like you're here with me." - Veronica

What does the course cover?

Module 1: Myths and Busters

We go through all the cloth nappy myths that you may have heard and break them down one by one. We want you to have a clear understanding of what modern day cloth nappying is. And isn't!

Module 2:
Are You My Type?

We give you a comprehensive overview of the various types of cloth nappies, nappy fabrics and nappy terms that you might encounter or may be curious about.

Module 3: Take Care of Me

This module dives deep into cloth nappy care. We look closely at what the washing process entails and how to ensure a good routine for your nappy type, water type and lifestyle.

Module 4: Newborn Nappying

We explore the newborn nappying options available and help you to choose a newborn nappy based on your child and your lifestyle.


Module 5: Night Nappying

This module takes you deep into the sometimes terrifying world of night nappying. We show you that it does't have to be a scary experience and empower you to choose a night nappy that suits your child and your budget.


Module 6: Rockin' It

In the final module, we look at a variety of issues that may arise during the course of the nappy years, and help you to recognise how these problems occur so that you can prevent them.


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